Alex Hornby

Managing Director

When we think of Alex, there are four p’s that spring to mind…. Passionate, persistent, particular and patient.

His persistency and passion for estate agency is what has got him here today and if you ask the man himself, he will tell you he dreamed of being an estate agent since he were in nappies. As weird as that is for us to picture, we are thankful for his persistency and passion as  Richard James honestly wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for the four P’s that Alex consistently brings to the table.

Although at his tender age of 31, he is already sporting a wonderful head of silver locks and supporting one seriously beautiful family, his mind is still that of an excited child in a toy store, but when we say toys, we aren’t talking about Lego, we are talking about Cars…. SPORTS cars, really really expensive ones. Luckily he gets just as excited about cars as he does about houses and the enthusiasm in his ways will honestly get you excited too!

When not at home with his family or at work helping to get people moved, you’ll find him in Vegas on the back of a moped with a pair of aviator sunglasses, thinking of 10001 ideas to try and the make the house buying and selling process that little bit easier.

This forward thinking, silver fox (to be) comes with everything you need to fulfil your house move successfully. Make the most out of him before he goes all Top Gear on us and drives off into the distance in some sort of super car. 

Contact Alex

07889 366134
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